About Us

The Oscar Charles brand helps to combat the beauty market's lack of affordable and cruelty-free products. The brand can now be found in over 40 countries and used by beauty enthusiasts and professional MUAs alike.

The brand prides itself on the fact that the products are all vegan friendly. Vegan makeup brushes are notable for their durability, and they are effortless to clean and hypoallergenic.

Our beauty products will produce flawless and fantastic results for you to love and appreciate.

Not only are all of our products cruelty-free and vegan friendly, but Oscar Charles is environmentally aware and takes steps with its product design to reduce its impact on the world.

Oscar Charles creates items that are both beautiful and functionally superior. From the beauty enthusiast to the professional expert uses Oscar Charles beauty products.

We believe that our customers and users are the ultimate ambassadors who enjoy using our products every day. The integrity that our customers have for Oscar Charles is of the utmost importance to us.

Our creative team is constantly looking to introduce new ideas to enjoy using as part of your daily beauty routine.

Oscar Charles is on an exciting journey that continues but does not have a destination but is a continuous creative and artistic approach to providing you with perfect beauty products. We hope our products bring happiness and well-being as they enhance your already natural beauty.

Beauty and desire by design